Madeira is an autonomous archipelago under Portugal, made up of four small islands just off the northwest coast of Africa.

Benefitting from the sub-tropical climate, Madeira is relatively warm all year round. The islands each boast mountainous settings which, along with the warm ocean currents, make for diverse microclimates. Saying that, as it’s almost the most western part of Europe, Madeira profits from a cool wind that makes hot summers more manageable.

Temperatures in Madeira rarely drop below 20 degrees, so winters are bound to be more inviting.

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Camara de Lobos, Madeira

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What should I know about Madeira as a prospective property buyer?

Madeira is renowned for its relaxed approach to life. All who live there, benefit from the beautiful island setting, low crime rates, friendly locals and slow pace.

If you’re looking to get back to nature or like the idea of strolling through cobbled streets, stopping at X bistros and beaches, Madeira is for you.

This region of Portugal has a healthy community of expats and it’s easy to find them. All it takes is a quick search on Facebook to find a network of expat groups in Madeira, designed to encourage community.

When it comes to transport, there’s an efficient bus network in Madeira, which gets you from A to B. The capital city oof Funchal is perfectly sized to explore on foot, with intriguing sights to see.

Three-bedroom house for sale in Ribeira Brava, Ilha da Madeira

Holiday home potential

When you’re looking for somewhere to invest in a property home, it’s important to consider how long it takes to get there. If it’s a far-flung destination, then you have to consider the time difference, when jetlag comes into play.

Luckily, that’s not a concern here as Madeira is easily access from Britain and welcomes a flurry of flights weekly. Plus, it’s in the same time zone – hurrah!

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There are a wide variety of notable trails in Madeira, some suited to amateurs and others strictly for daredevils due to the island’s mountainous setting.

Hikers in Madeira praise the island’s location for its steady incline and high altitudes, which provide a clear view of the four coasts.

Those of an active disposition will be drawn to Pico do Areeiro. It’s the island group’s third-highest mountain, measuring a staggering 5,595ft. The excursion typically takes about five hours and there are regular guided tours which include a visit to the kingpin.

Madeira, Portugal. 26 November 2019. Traditional Santana houses in Madeira Island, Portugal IImage: studio f22 ricardo rocha via Shutterstock

Madeira property market

House prices in Madeira are typically quite affordable. If you’re willing to renovate a property, whether to reside in yourself or to rent out as an investment, you can buy somewhere for as little as €70,000 which may need upwards of €50,000 works done. This is considerably less than on mainland Portugal.

Analysis shows that real estate in Madeira has grown tremendously in recent years, growing yearly by 10-20%/

If you’re looking at homes readily renovated, a 3-bedroom house can cost as little as €130,000, however there are more luxurious properties available that market for up to €700,000, usually for more bedrooms with more amenities.

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